I believe that a little bit of magic happens when we sit on a yoga mat and create the space to re-ground ourselves.

You will experience compassion, empathy and good humour in my classes. I aim to create an atmosphere of calm, allowing you to quieten your mind and focus on working within your body’s limit.

I love the teachings from the Buddhist tradition of “Loving Kindness” which I bring into the practice to create gratitude and peace throughout the classes.

You’ll learn benefits that make up a yoga practice and there is an element of challenge as you build resilience, releasing into a posture and stretching the muscles.

The yoga you will practice is mainly Hatha, along with Vinyasa-style flow in the asana (active) part of the class, integrated with pranayama (breathing) and meditation.

I welcome you from my heart to come and join my yoga classes, experience a healing Reiki treatment or bliss out in a “Loving Kindness” meditation.

“Eileen brings more complex poses to the practice each week, challenging us to improve continuously. She brings a variety of wellness practices to the class such as the singing bowl, aromatherapy and music, which help us to be present in the class and really relax.”

Carmel Kelly, Student

I teach weekly group classes in Dublin and Limerick, as well as offering yoga, meditation, and Reiki at home for individuals or small groups of family and friends.

Please contact me for a chat if you think this might benefit you!


Eileen Sheehan x