Private Yoga


Does building strength in your body with a healthy routine sound good?

Your well-being is personal – there is no single solution that works for everybody. Through working with me, you will experience a tailored and unique approach to learning about what’s good for your well-being.  Leaving you feeling calm and enthusiastic to live a healthier life.  Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to expand on your current practice, I am confident that private yoga classes will benefit you.


“I first started yoga for health reasons and I now look forward to the class every week for ME! It’s my hour & fifteen minutes where I think of only me. It has been great for my health and has given a new meaning to my life. I use the breathing techniques every day, as well as the warm-up exercises before my day starts. Thank you, Eileen, for introducing me to the new me!”

Christina Daly, Student

Would you like to learn more about how you can renew your mind and body to live with more peace?

Beyond yoga I offer Loving Kindness Meditation and Reiki treatments to support your overall well-being allowing you to find what supports you to live in ease.  I specialise in private yoga classes in Dublin and Limerick.  I see clients biweekly, weekly or fortnightly, and offer the flexibility of working around your schedule.  I base the majority of my teaching in a beautiful art studio in the centre of Dublin, but am also happy to work with you in the comfort of your own home or office (subject to location and time).  Get in touch to find out more.

Private Yoga (First Session)

Investing in your well-being and health leads to a life of love and ease. ‘With practice comes calm’



Would you like to improve your quality of life and build belief in yourself?

As private yoga classes are catered specifically for you, we will focus our sessions in a framework that will ensure you get the most out of them.  I will always offer a full range of yoga props to assist you in your practice, wherever our session is held.  Your 1:1 yoga classes may include a variety of breathing techniques, yoga postures and exercises designed to improve your strength and flexibility, combined with relaxation tools that you can take away with you.  I am also happy to provide homework assignments on request, so that you can keep practicing on your own in between sessions.


Grow and boost your happiness with discipline, remember discipline is love!

Beyond yoga I offer Loving Kindness Meditation and Reiki treatments to support your overall wellbeing allowing you to find what supports you to live in ease.

If you have any questions about the suitability of private yoga for your unique health situation, send me an email and we can discuss this further.

Private Yoga (Six Sessions)

Investing in your health brings inspiration to those around you. ‘With practice comes calm’